Undergoing surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly, at least if it is facial cosmetic surgery. The face is the mirror of the soul, and, after all, it is our physical aspect that is at stake, especially when what is intended, that is, the ultimate goal of the intervention, is to improve it. For this reason, you have to evaluate many aspects and weigh all the pros and cons of coolly and calmly before making a decision.

Here are some basic recommendations so you can recover with the best results, after a facelift.

Follow the surgeon's instructions.

This is vital for the postoperative period to proceed normally. At first, it may seem like too many things, but the plastic surgeon will explain in detail what you should do and may give you some written recommendation.

No Smoking

Smoking is not recommended after any surgical intervention. Tobacco can impair the healing process by lengthening it further. In addition, the possibilities of complications as a result of this habit increase, since it diminishes the natural vascularization and produces necrosis of the skin.

Avoid self-medication

If there are discomforts, the doctor will indicate the analgesics necessary to calm the pain. In addition, it is necessary to take the antibiotics in the time prescribed and prescribed by the doctor. It is necessary to keep a check on the temperature since if it is very high, it can imply a risk of infection, in which case you should warn.

Do not make physical efforts.

You will be able to resume moderate physical activity in three or four weeks, but you will not be able to practice contact sports in the first two months.

Juices and water

Initially, the first intakes should be liquid. Little by little, you will be provoked to drink mainly juices and water. Later, other foods will be incorporated, especially, at first it will be necessary to have a soft diet.

Sleep with your head elevated

For a few days, at least 72 hours, you will have to sleep with your head elevated to control edema or swelling. You may find it more comfortable to climb the headboard or even use two pillows.

Wash your hair three days later

It will take three days for you to wash your hair. You should do it delicately, try not to get the water too hot or cold, and then comb your hair gently, with your fingers, without a brush. The hair will have to dry naturally, leaving the dryer aside for a time.

Do not use dyes or chemicals in a month.

As a precaution, it is recommended not to dye your hair or use other chemicals on your hair for at least four weeks.